About our mission

Since the inception of recorded Western Civilization, society has enjoyed a patriarchal power structure. In addition to ensuring that those most biologically fitting be in charge of commerce, politics, and culture, patriarchal society has created countless benefits for mankind, including but not limited to science, literature, philosophy, and economics.

With the growing rise of feminism, however, all this is threatened.

By donating today, you are helping to ensure:

With your support, we can continue to create the world vision we all share: a world free from external terrorist threats, free from feminazi agendas, free from opressive governmental regimes and tax schemes.

Initial Priorities

Now that Trump/Pence have secured the election, we will begin to focus our efforts on:

  1. Blocking last-ditch Obama acts of treason such as Presidential orders or pardons
  2. Organizing protests and letter writing campaigns in states controlled by liberal and feminist agendas
  3. Producing information about how to start your own local club to meet like-minded males in your area
  4. Buying targeted ad dollars to sway prospective supporters and allies via social media and traditional news outlets

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